Inspired by others, I've gathered here a list of hardware and software that I use daily.

I'll keep this list updated, so it will probably evolve over time. I'll also gradually add the reasoning behind certain choices.

Developement Setup #

  • Dell XPS 9370. I run Windows 10, with WSL2 for my dev environment. I wanted to have UNIX, but having a dual-boot was too much of a hassle. I tried initially, and the Ubuntu compatibility of the XPS was one of the reasons behind the purcahse, but with WSL, especially WSL2, it's not needed. I run Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in WSL, and have had no issues with it.

  • My editor is VSCode. It's straightforward, with good extensions. I love that it just works with WSL. I don't have to copy-paste my ssh keys from Windows to Ubuntu for git to work. I do have some customizations:

    • I use JetBrains Mono as my font. I like the ligatures it offers and they support Powerline built-in, which is great for zsh.
    • Monokai Pro Theme, it's a bit of a softer version of Monokai, easier on the eyes I find.
    • Material Icon Theme for all my icons. I work a lot with Angular and NestJS, and I love the fact that it differentiates services, modules, controllers,...
  • Apart from the built-in Terminal in VSCode, I recently switch to Windows Terminal. It's still pretty bare-bones, but works well, and already allows for quite a few customizations. Overall, I finf the tabs super easy to use, and I like that I can fire up different versions of Linux, Powershell, just with one click.

  • I use GitHub for my personal and professional stuff. The new pricing, of basically everything free is greate for us, we're a small company, and mandating the mininum of 5 purchased seats was weird.

  • I deploy a lot of my static code on It's by far the easiest CI/CD offering I have found. This site is auto-deployed whenever I commit to my main branch. When I need a backend running, I usually deploy on GCP AppEngine. I have a simple Github workflow that deploys automatically.

  • When I joined Google, adopting Android was the obvious choice. As the years have passed, I still find myself loving my Pixel 2 phone. The design is simple, it's made of robust material, but above all, I love the camera and the Google Camera App that comes with it.

  • I recently purchased the new OnePlus 8 Pro. I was dissapointed with the features of the Pixel 4, and OnePlus is one of the few Android manufacturers that has very little customization added to Android. I hate the Samsung UI, and their obsession to force Bixby onto you all the time.

My Desk #

I built a standup desk for my office, fixed to the wall. I can't bring it down so I needed an appropriate chair, I bought a stool chair which accomodates ths setup perfectly.

Other gear #

  • Microsoft Surface Headphones

  • Kindle Oasis

  • Mavic Pro

  • Seagale & Patagonia

  • Nikon Z6

  • This site:

    • Used to be Jekyll based, I migrated to 11ty and Parcel JS.
    • I use bootstrap, but mostly for the layout, so I might switch to TailwindCSS.